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References and Testimonials

Pat Mitchell

General Contractor and personal home
"Resulted in greatly improved energy costs and a much quieter comfortable home, I can't imagine building another home without Therma Seal"

Tim Moore

Keating and Moore, High End Custom Home Builder
"They provide us with integrity of schedule and competent diligent employess, who actually clean up before they leave the jobsite."

Dave Wikel

Personal residence
"Cannot believe how quickly my costs came down and how quiet the home is with kids"

Brian Idle

Architect Clubhouses and High End Custom Homes
"There is no way I would ever build or live in a home without Icynene"

Dave Chesser

Project Manager (Worth Builders) Custom Homes
"Responsive to schedule and adjustments, always professional and courteous"

Dean Kinser

PB County Firefighter
"Incredible and only Icynene does not hold nor sustain additional flame in fire"

Paul Hitt

High End Custom Homes and Personal Residence
"Built twice the home and my costs are less than the previous"

Ed Sasso

Owner EDS Air Conditioning
"I had to downsize my own systems by two tons due to the efficiency of the insulation system"

Karen Shah

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Homeowner who retrofitted home
"Snuggier and cozy are my descripts, guys worked really hard, cleaned up and did great job"


Icynene® is an environmentally approved “Green” product and has been used in various American Lung Association’s Health House projects.

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